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RYe (Ryan l.)

WRITER | Vocal-tinkerer | mediajudge | WEB BUILDER

Hello! Thank you for making it to my about me page.

I hope to share with you my interests and talents by writing modern fantasy, reviewing movies, tv, and media in general including other content creators. My goal is to make this into a production studio co-op where myself and other like minded creators can share our works with you while we communicate with you directly and build our  own little community.

A little about me, I am a 32 year young guy born in Upstate, NY (yes theres a difference!) and now out in the dry valleys of Arizona. I fall into the alphabet soup category of persons, and though I am not the most active in the community it is a part of who I am and thusly you will see a large amount of support coming from the studio for the community and other marginalized groups. 

If you are interested in  working together, please reach out! To take a look at my work directly, take a look around or try one of the buttons below!