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Crumbs and Critiques is our unique short form news and entertainment review segment hosted over our Social Media channels, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  You can also view all of our reviews in long form here on our website in more detail complete with synopsis and trailer. 

Either catch our quick "slice" reviews of various movies and TV shows, or some tidbits of daily news. 

Currently we are covering the strikes across various industries and in solidarity with SAG-Aftra and the WGA have put our critiques on hold. Once we resume reviews, please check out the playlist to see what's coming up this week. (Updated Saturdays)

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Check out The Playlist this week and head over to Discord to chat with other people watching the same things!

(In light of the writers strike we have temporarily stopped reviewing content. We hope to resume asap but our industry partners deserve our support, and the execs don't deserve the free advertising. In the mean time, follow us on our socials for )