Crust punch Studios

Comming soon 


If you would like to work together please use the form below and be specific with the type of work you are looking for. During this time due to the writers and actors strike writing will be limited to things that are in accordance with strike rules. Please see the WGA / SAG-AFTRA STRIKE page to see how you can support our fellow workers. 

Name Subject E-mail Message Submit
  • Voice work

    Reach out for recording options. 

  • Writing

    Interested in having and article written about you, your content, or anything else! Let me know. 

  • Web Building

    Want someone else to builkd and write your website? I'm your guy! 

  • Watch this!

    If you want me to watch something, please tag us on social media or message us on Facebook. I am more than happpy to explore the web with my fellow Couch Loaves! But please respect that sending and email is meant to be for professional contacts only.