Crust punch Studios

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Here at crust punch studios

we're here to break bread and support others.

We love our community as much as we love Movies, Tv, and just about any other kind of Media we can get our hands on. We're just starting out and you know who's been a bigger support than friends? Little known artists, starting out writers, teachers, fledgling podcasters, the LGBTQ+ commnuity, disabled creators and so many more lovely and creative people you should know as well! We want to bring that same energy, as we bring you fun content and information about the entertainment industry covering everything from franchise reviews, and casting news to the importance of physical media in a time of streaming. 

Check out our friends below, and the rest of our socials below! Right now Facebook is the most active, but if you want to communicate with us directly the best way is through our Discord which won't be available once we get some more people in there. Be the first so you don't miss out!